Special DG Visit Virtual Meeting:
President of the Kenmore Club provided some quick facts: 44 members and 5 honorary members.  The club has been in existence for almost 100 years.  84% male, 16% female.  75% of club members have been with the club for 5 years or more.  numbers.  Welcoming and opening to new people.  
Kevin Sixbey – President, Rotary Club of Jamestown – President Kevin gave an overview of the Jamestown Club.  We have 90 members currently with 3 honorary.  Founded in 1919.  50% male and 50% female.  Kevin also review the various local and international fundraisers our club sponsors.    
District Governor Anne thanked both Presidents for the information sharing.  
DG Bermingham went through a short presentation talking about themes for 2021-22
Theme 1: Rotary is People of Action.  People unite and work together to create lasting change.  Our District 7090 will continue to pursue this.  
Theme 2:  Expand Our Reach– explore Satellite Clubs as an option.  Can also look at adding Rotaract as well.  
Theme 3:  Engaging Participants – different initiatives will be undertaken – Center for Coaching, Rotary 101, Rotary Webtalks, etc.  
Theme 4: Adapt & Innovate –this involves a simplified grant process, ongoing help to keep websites and social media relevant, revising how we govern, and short term and new generations service exchange.
DG Anne then assigned each Rotarian to a break out room to explore:
Group 1: Impact - what are you doing to impact and serve your community (causes you are giving time or money to); what are you doing internationally to do good in the world.
Group 2: Reach - share more about how you are reaching out to new potential Rotarians, Rotaracters, younger or more diversified demographics to help on projects or be part of club
Group 3: Engagement - What are you doing well to engage your current members & their families? How about members of the Rotary family? Alumni? Former exchange students or others touched by your club?
Group 4: Adapt - What are some changes you have made in the last few years to evolve your club? Changes in meeting format? Changes in social media strategies?
The breakout groups then reported out to the members.