Posted by Ruth Lundin on Nov 04, 2019
Pictured (l to r): Kevin Sixbey, Fran Sirianni, and Cheri Krull
Kevin Sixbey introduced the speaker, who is well known to many in the audience. Fran is from Kane, PA and received his BA from Clarion State College.  He still holds the interception record there, with 15. After a brief stint with the Orlando Panthers, for most of his career Fran was at Southwestern where he taught and coached football and track. He also founded a chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes there, because faith has always been an important influence in his life.    
Fran does not consider himself an athlete. He was “nudged into it” at Clarion, and got to know the game of football.
He tells the story about being injured while playing with the Panthers. He decided to go home to visit family and Amy, who was to become his wife. His grandmother showed him an ad for a teacher at Southwestern. He applied, and the rest is history.
Fran is most proud of his sons.
Mike is the oldest. He has been coaching football for 20 years, most of it at Washington and Jefferson College.  It was Mike who started the family tradition of attending Mount Union College. He and his mother, Amy attended a recruitment fair, and were very impressed by the woman promoting a Christian school in Mount Union, Ohio. Mike hadn’t intended to try out for the football team, but his father said it would be a good way to make friends. Mt. Union is division III school and Mt. Union is the best football team in the division. Its coach Larry Kehres is legendary both for his winning teams and for his philosophy.  Upon graduation Mike became a Graduate Assistant at Mt. Union, and then went on to Washington and Jefferson.
Jay, the middle brother, is a teacher at Southwestern. He followed his brother to Mount Union where Mike convinced him to play football. Upon graduation, he went to Alfred University as assistant. However, when he heard about an opening at Maple Grove, he took it. The next year, he was hired by Southwestern, where he coached 10 years and won 2 state championships. Today, he is the head track coach, a position he took over when Fran retired.
Nick, the youngest son, also attended Mount Union. He had injuries and health issues, but still was the only son to play professionally, with the indoor football league for part of a year. He then spent 3 years at Mt. Union as assistance coach where he coached defensive backs. Then he coached 3 years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Nick has coached for the Kansas City Chiefs and also for the San Diego Chargers and is now Offensive Coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts. He attributes much of his advancement to his work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and with the network his brothers developed before him.
Fran is most proud of what has been provided to his sons through faith, family and football.