Posted by Chris Anderson on May 14, 2018
Jim Smith introduced, Rosary Kolivas, Exec Director of Jamestown Community Learning Council.  Rosary has been a part of Jamestown Community Learning Council since the organization was formed in 1990.  She began as an administrative assistant and in 1991, was named Executive Director by the Board of Trustees, which was co-chaired by the President of JCC, Paul Berke, and the Superintendent of Jamestown Public Schools, Todd Eagle, both of whom were instrumental in the project.  
The mission at Jamestown Community Learning Council is...“To strengthen the capacity of families to nurture, support and provide for their child’s academic development, emotional growth and physical well-being by establishing effective relationships between home and school.”
JCLC was birthed due to a needs assessment form the City of Jamestown.  The assessment stated that Jamestown must be a community with educated, and literate citizens.
The JCLC consists of different program sites and services:
  • PACT (Parents and Children Together) Preschool at LOVE Elementary.
  • EASE (Educational Advocacy and Scholastic Enrichment) at all Jamestown Middle Schools.
  • PAT (Parents as Teachers) – at all program sites
  • PACERS (Parents Activating Children’s Education Results in Success at JHS, Southwestern and Frewsburg elementary schools
  • PROJECT LINC (Learning in Never Complete) – Lincoln Elementary School
  • ASA (After School Amigos) – Love and Ring Elementary Schools.
PACT (Parents and Children Together) - Children and their families becoming “collaborators” for learning success. 
EASE (Educational Advocacy and Scholastic Enrichment) - Parents “easing” educational success for students. 
PAT (Parents as Teachers) - Where “parents are the first and most important teachers.”   Research based, early childhood, home visitation and family support system that provides the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial years of early life.
PROJECT LINC (Learning in Never Complete) - Providing the “missing link” between school and home.  
ASA (After School Amigos) – The place where friendships are made in many languages!  After School and Family Engagement Program For English Language Learners