David and Marissa Troxell and members of the Australian and Tanzanian Rotary Clubs pose with students at the Kaloleni Primary School in Tanzania.
Construction workers improve toilet facilities at the Kaloleni Primary School.
The Rotary Club of Jamestown has joined hands and funds with the Rotary Clubs of Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia and the United Republic of Tanzania as well as a local NGO named Team Vista which has been active in the area for several years to provide a sanitation project for a school in Tanzania.
The project involved work at the Kaloleni Primary school, in Moshi. Although situated at the foot of picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro, it is also located right next to the town dump site. The school does a good job of educating the poorest children in the area, but has some sanitation issues and some very dilapidated class rooms. There is no local money available. The project involves restoring toilet facilities, building a washroom area with sinks, repairing classroom floors and walls, and possibly adding electricity.
The overall budget for this work is slightly less than $10,000.
The Camberwell Club and the Rotary Club of Jamestown have each contributed $5,000. The Rotary Club of Moshi, has monitored construction, overseeing payment of accounts and interfaced directly with the local school administration and Team Vista. David and Marissa Troxell are representing the Rotary Club of Jamestown and as David said, ”Tanzania and east Africa is a very distant place to be sure.  The opportunity to combine efforts with two other Rotary Clubs in this international project to alleviate suffering and encourage the process of educating these children is a project worthy of the Jamestown club’s best values.”
The Rotary Club of Jamestown thanks everyone who has contributed to their fund raising efforts over the past several years to make projects such as this come to fruition.