Pictured (l to r):  Diana Porebski, Director of Chemical Dependency and Behavioral Health Services, Lee Harkness, and Joelle Washer, President, Rotary Club of Jamestown
Lee introduced Diana Porebski, Director of Chemical Dependency and Behavioral Health Services.  Diana took over for Andrew O’Brien in October 2017, who remains on for special projects.
Diane is a Licensed Social Worker and was a chemical dependency counselor at UPMC WCA Chautauqua before taking this job.  Diana has a passion for trauma and addictions.  She is interested in implementing system-wide changes to bring a positive influence and expand services to the community in terms of addiction and trauma-informed care.  Her team continues to work on embedding themselves into the community and various doctors’ offices. Additionally, Diana is looking to expand evidence based practices such as mindfulness and medication assisted therapy.
WCA Hospital is now fully integrated with the UPMC network.  This brings amazing opportunities and an access to even greater resources.  UPMC WCA Chautauqua’s Chemical Dependency services have an outpatient program.  They always accept walk-ins to help and assist people in need.  UPMC WCA Chautauqua’s Chemical Dependency service also feature an inpatient rehab unit which consists of 15 beds.  
UPMC WCA Chautauqua’s Chemical Dependency will be opening a 21-bed residential facility in June 2018.  Residential program funding will come from Oasis NYS – will be funded by the state entirely – first time WCA will receive state funds to fund a program. It is an exciting time because the community has been asking for this.  
Diana is also involved with the drug treatment court as well -  has been involved since she started working in October.  Her goal is to advocate for treatment instead of incarceration. Research shows us that a key indicator to getting well is a person’s motivation to change.  Counselors try to tap into that motivational change.  It can be difficult process and it takes time to see a shift.  Treatment options are specifically focused in Chautauqua County only.  The helps people re-integrate back into the community.  Research says if people are closer to their community, then the chances for success are even greater.

The UPMC Chautauqua WCA Inpatient Chemical Dependency and Outpatient Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Programs have been serving the Chautauqua County community for more than 25 years.
Their goal is to provide the opportunity and supportive environment for individuals to receive confidential, compassionate, professional care along the road to recovery. Treatment is personalized taking into consideration the unique needs and characteristics of the individual. This includes someone who may need mental health and chemical dependency/addiction care.