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Chris Anderson
Mar 22, 2021
Superintendent, Jamestown Public Schools
Mar 29, 2021
Jamestown High School Principal
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Make Up Opportunities 
Wednesdays at 8:00 AM
Zoom Teleconference Meetings
Effective until further notice
FALCONER — 1st and 3rd Thursday of month, 7 a.m., Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Falconer
WESTFIELD / MAYVILLE — Tuesday, 12:15 p.m., UM Church, Westfield
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Zoom Teleconference Meetings
Effective until further notice
Committee meetings or social events can also be used as make-ups.
Russell Hampton
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ROTARY ZOOM March 15, 2021
Note:  Missed the meeting?  No problem! We have been recording our regular Zoom meetings.  Please visit the following link to watch all up to date Rotary Meetings:
Today's Chairwoman: President Joni Blackman
Star Spangled Banner & Four Way Test:  Vice-President Jon Healey
Invocation:  Mary Schiller                               
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Joanna Dahlbeck (prospective new member), Lew Meckley; Beth Oakes and Kayleah Feser.  
Welcome back to Dave Painter!  
Chris Anderson is the recorder today for Rotarily Yours.
Monday was the virtual kickoff for the District Conference.  Joni will be sending out a registration link after the meeting.  Our Laundromat Literacy is part of the program tonight.  7pm – 9pm.  Tuesday is about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Thursday is the future of Rotary and Saturday from 9am – 12 noon is an international service project.   
Our club still needs a treasurer for the next Rotary year.  Please dig deep to see if you can fulfill this role.  Please let Joni know.  Thank you!!
Cheri Krull said our Rotary Citation will be on District Zoom as well.  And, Thursday night (tonight), there will be a youth focus and she recommends that we watch it!  
Board meeting this Friday at 9am on Zoom.
Courtney Curatolo – the Vocational Committee will not be doing any mock interviews this school year but are planning to offer them again in the Fall with our fingers crossed.
Sue Jones – all of us should tune into tonight to watch our Literacy project highlighted!
John Lloyd – mentioned Bud Back passed away and wanted to share.  Bud was a Falconer Rotarian.
Greg Jones – we lost “Doris”, who used to be a server for us at the Holiday Inn.
John Lloyd – Rotary Why? – in the late sixties, John took a job in Jamestown.  John joined the  JayCees in Lakewood for his first foray into service and then ended up wanting to join Rotary.  Lakewood Rotary was the first club John joined.  John was in the office of Dr. Greg Jones and he insisted John transfer into the Jamestown Rotary for more connections to the business community.  John stated the vest part about Rotary is that the whole club is designed to have people from different business backgrounds together in one area.  Since 1978, John has been a member of Rotary and has loved every minute of it.  We are glad you are here John!  
Happy Bucks: Diana Meckley – for the Stewards of Children training; Vince Horrigan – for Lew Meckley – former board chair of CAP; Greg Jones – downtown Westfield CVS store for second COVID shot; Ruth Lundin – leaving Wednesday to go to South Carolina to help her mother celebrate 95 years! She will get a chance to finally hold her mother’s hand!  Joni – oldest daughter is stopping by to see her.   
Happy Buck donations can be sent by clicking here!
Beth Oakes and Kayleah Feser – Child Advocacy Program
Beth was the Executive Director at the Jamestown YWCA for many years.  Most recently, took over as the Executive Director for the Child Advocacy Program.  Beth has been very involved in the community and has worked with tirelessly for children for many years.  The Child Advocacy Program has been open since the pandemic started since, they were an essential business. 
The Chautauqua County Child Advocacy Program is a safe, child-friendly center that supports a multi-disciplinary investigative approach to child physical and sexual abuse allegations. Our Center brings together agencies in one child friendly setting that is physically and psychologically safe. In doing this we reduce unnecessary duplication of interviews thereby lessening the trauma experienced by child victims and non-offending family members and holding individuals accountable for their victimization of children.
CAP’s mission is to end child abuse in Chautauqua County. When abuse occurs, CAP coordinates a community response to bring healing, hope and justice to these children and families.
CAP’s vision is seeing healthy children and families create a safe and engaged community.
Child Sexual Abuse is one of the most prevalent health problems.  Children are also at higher risk for mental and physical issues as a result. In 2020, the Child Advocacy Program saw 480 children.  66% were female and 33% were male.  Another sobering statistic is that 99% of children re abused by someone they know.  
The Child Advocacy Program has two locations – 405 West Third Street, Jamestown and 425 Main Street in Dunkirk.  
A Child Advocacy Center is important and a safe and welcoming place.  The Child Advocacy Program facilitates a multidisciplinary team made up of law, DA, Mental Health, etc.
What is the Multi-Disciplinary Team?
The Multi-Disciplinary team started over 20 years ago informally. After many attempts to receive help with grants and being denied, District Attorney David Foley applied for a grant for CAP’s cause and was successful. The District Attorney then hired a Project Director, Jana McDermott, in 2007 and the group has grown from sharing an office with the district attorney’s office to having a space of their own on west 3 rd street. The team is the heart of our CAP’s response to allegations of child abuse. Each person is crucial to maximize the ability to provide thorough and effective services to children and their families.
Human Trafficking – Kayleah Feser – Safe Harbour Anti-Trafficking Initiative
Safe Harbour is the NYS initiative for a coordinated response to a growing number of identified cases of child sex trafficking and the commercial exploitation of children.
Addresses child sex trafficking in 3 ways:
  • Prevention/Awareness Raising
  • Identification
  • Response
Child Sex Trafficking – recruitment, harboring, transportation or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.  It is modern day sex slavery.  
How big is the problem in our County?
  • 127 youth referred to the Safer Harbour Program
  • 20 Youth me the definition of being involved in child sex trafficking
  • 81 are high risk youth
  • 13.31 is the average age of referral
  • 89% identify as female
Child trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation can affect all children regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic status. However, youth involved in the Child Welfare System are more likely to be trafficked or exploited. Some red flags to watch out for include:
  • Chronic runaway/truant/homeless youth
  • Have goods or services they cannot afford
  • Excessive amount of cash
  • Carries multiple hotel keys
  • Signs of branding (tattoos, jewelry)
  • Restricted and/or scripted communication
  • Physical injuries or signs of abuse
  • Multiple STIs or pregnancies
  • Lying about age/false identification and/or inconsistencies
  • Appear scared or nervous, may not make eye contact
  • Lack of knowledge about where they are and why
  • Signs of psychological trauma and abuse; anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, panic attacks, or lack of emotion (flat affect)
  • Typically has someone with them at all times, this person may seem controlling
What can you do to Volunteer?
  • Take a Stewards of Child Training
  • Attend Child Advocacy Program fundraisers
  • Participate in annual fun runs
  • Be an ambassador in the community
  • Participate in board committee
For more information, please visit:
Are ppl being arrested for this?  There are legal ramifications, but it is a slow process and can be very convoluted.  One case that started in 2019 is now going to grand jury.  Court cases have been postponed due to COVID.  Cases are happening and moving forward now.  CAP works closely with DHS and the FBI.  Federal charges also carry higher charges.  Collaboration works well.  
Are these offenders in jail awaiting jail?  Most are incarcerated but some are still in the community because charges have not been filed.  Cases are very hard to charge because some people don’t know it is a crime.