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Jun 07, 2021
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Jun 14, 2021
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Jun 21, 2021
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Jun 28, 2021
Rotary President's Dinner (no noon meeting)
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Russell Hampton
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ROTARY ZOOM May 24, 2021
Note:  Missed the meeting?  No problem! We have been recording our regular Zoom meetings.  Please visit the following link to watch all up to date Rotary Meetings:
Today's Chairwoman: President Joni Blackman
Pledge & Four Way Test:  President Joni Blackman
Invocation:  Sue Jones, we are thankful for each day for our Blessings, Opportunities and Challenges. Give us strength and guidance.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Speaker Linnea Carlson
Rotary WHY: Stacy Hannon - Stacy joined Rotary in 2002, at the request of her station manager, Dave, who wanted his account executives to become more involved in the community. Initially, Stacy was assigned to join Sertoma and her coworker was assigned to join Rotary. But after doing a bit of research and attending a meeting, she decided that this was exactly the club she wanted to join. With the guidance of Sharon Hamilton, Stacy become a full fledged Rotarian. And it CHANGED HER LIFE!! She gained confidence, friendships and knowledge of other countries. She hosted two visiting Rotarian students, one lists Stacy as her mother on her facebook page. When Stacy was thinking about starting a newspaper, the first people she talked with were her fellow Rotarians. She’s delighted to be a Rotarian these past 19 years, and looks forward to 19 more. She loves all of us!
Vocational committee plans to hold mock interviews at JHS in October, more details to follow.
Ruth Lundin - Jamestown Riverwalk Cleanup was a very successful event last Saturday. Sixteen Rotarians (7 from the AM Rotary Club) and six guests hauled away 38 kitchen garbage bags full of junk. We also pulled out four tires, one motor and two five-gallon buckets of glass from the walk. It was an AWESOME event.
Kathy Burch notified the club that Misty Johnson’s husband, Travis, is the artist that was featured in the Post Journal’s article about the smiling face that welcomes everyone to Frewsburg. So we all should smile back at the face and think of Misty.
David Troxell reminded the club that Jamestown has a baseball team! A couple of years ago, about 30 community members stepped forward to buy the franchise, Tarp Skunks, which plays ball in the Perfect League (college level players). Tickets are only $5 and we want to fill the stadium. David has lawn signs to promote the team - so if you would like to display a sign during the season (June & July), contact David via email ( GO SKUNKS!
Joni Blackman - Starting June 7, we will be meeting IN PERSON at the Doubletree. We will share a buffet lunch, and the meeting will be conducted both in person and on Zoom. President’s dinner will be on June 28th at the Doubletree. Melissa Myers has been elected to serve as new Director, Maria Kindberg has been elected to serve as new club Treasurer, and Kirk Young as Director and Ruth Lundin as President Elect.
The club has agreed to donate $500 through the Rotary Foundation to support oxygen converters to be sent to India - to assist in treating COVID19 patients.
Kevin Sixbey - Rotary Golf Tournament is scheduled for MONDAY, AUGUST 30th at Moon Brook Country Club. Get your teams together and send in your registration forms. This is an event not to be missed.
Happy Bucks:
Greg Jones gave 3 happy bucks, one for his new pontoon boat, one for Vince for getting him to his pontoon boat and one for Sue, for her smile.
Sue Jones gave a happy buck for Greg’s performance of TAPS on Monday at the Bemus Point Stow Ferry. She also gave $15 happy bucks for the 15 pounds she has lost.
Diana Meckley gave a happy buck for the three additional Rotarians who will be part of the Rotary Radio Classic and for her new hearing aids.
Joni Blackman gave a happy buck for Melissa Myers’ art work that’s going to be displayed this weekend on the Art Trail.
Lisa Goodell gave two happy bucks, one for a clean house and the other for her birthday present chain saw.
Vince Horrigan gave a happy buck for his role as Captain on Saturday from 2-5pm aboard the Bemus Point Stow Ferry. Also for the Chicken BBQ on Sunday.
Joanna Dahlbeck gave a happy buck for her 33rd year boating on Chautauqua Lake, and for the time spent watching an eagle at Sandy Bottom on Sunday. She also wanted to give a happy buck for the great weather and for cutting the ribbon on Friday at the Bemus Point Stow Ferry.  
Becky Robbins gave a happy buck for her Christmas present weed wacker and for going wedding dress shopping with her youngest daughter this weekend.
Happy Buck donations can be sent by clicking here!
Linnea Carlson - Director of Jamestown Public Market
Linnea is passionate about local and affordable foods. And was the initiator of the Jamestown Mobile Market last year.
Please watch her presentation below: