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Nov 15, 2021
WCA Foundation
Nov 22, 2021
Jamestown Pride
Nov 29, 2021
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Dec 06, 2021
JHS A ‘Capella
Dec 13, 2021
Club Annual Meeting
Dec 20, 2021
Christmas Party
Dec 27, 2021
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Jan 03, 2022
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Make Up Opportunities 
AM CLUB Meets in a hybrid format  the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Venue 31.
FALCONER — 1st and 3rd Thursday of month, 7 a.m., Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Falconer
WESTFIELD / MAYVILLE — Tuesday, 12:15 p.m., UM Church, Westfield
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Zoom Teleconference Meetings
Effective until further notice
Committee meetings or social events can also be used as make-ups.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Today's Chair: President Kevin Sixbey led the group in the Pledge, the National Anthem and the 4 Way Test.
Weather: Sunny, 60’s and gorgeous!
Invocation: Tory Irgang read an insightful piece about being in one’s unique element-the meeting of one’s natural aptitude and personal passion, and expressed the desire that each person find a way to use their unique gifts to improve the community and find fulfillment.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests: Lindsey Smith, guest of Joanna Dahlbeck, Dewey Jones, proposed member and guest of Mark Olson, Penny and & Barb Erickson, guests of Ollie Erickson.
Kevin announced the restructuring of committees. One Fund Raising Committee will be in charge of both the fall and spring fund raisers. To align with the RI areas of focus, there is now an Environmental Committee. Highway cleanup and Hands-on will be part of the Environmental Committee.
Cheri will be holding a youth exchange meeting.
Michelle announced a Social Committee meeting Wednesday at 5 at Labyrinth. There will be a Christmas party December 20 and social meetings in November and December. Get in touch with Michelle to help out.
Joanna Dahlbeck - Red Kettle Committee is getting underway.
New Member: Kevin introduced Stacey Rasmussen who is sponsored by Joanna Dahlbeck. Stacey is Director of Compeer Chautauqua and lives in Cherry Creek. She has two teenagers.
50/50 Winner: Sharon Hamilton announced $43 to the winner, Andy Goodell, who donated it back to the club.
Sergeant At Arms:
Doug Conroe fined Kevin for the Alliance Advisory Group, and Amy, Andy, and Lisa for being photographed by the Gazette at the WCA Foundation Event.
Maple Grove men’s soccer team made history by winning the Far West Regionals, Southwestern Men’s Cross Country won the Section 6 Finals. Proud alums and parents were called on to pony up.
Interesting facts on this date: in 1966 the tax bill allowed the NFL to hold a monopoly and in 1974 Nixon resigned.
Happy Bucks: Mike Roberts announced that Toys for Tots is kicking off their campaign. Becky Robbins has been gone for 2 weeks because her daughter was married in Florida.
Paul Harris Fellow presentation by Greg Jones.  
The recipient is a member of the Foundation Sustaining Club, and is a local person who graduated from Kent St. He joined Rotary in 1987 and came to Jamestown in 2002. This wonderful, kind person, receiving his 3rd Fellow is none other than Ollie Erickson. Ollie remembers the announcement of the Polio Plus campaign in 1987. With Ollie was his sister Penny from State College. His wife Barb accepted a second PHF for their daughter-in-law Maribeth Erickson, who lives in New Mexico and is a former exchange student from Jamestown Rotary. Ollie wears her pin from Japan. He considers her a Rotarian at heart, because she supports the swimming team at Los Alamos.
Michael Pease - CEO - The Chautauqua Center
Stacy Hannon introduced Michael Pease, CEO of The Chautauqua Center (TCC), a federally qualified health center in the county.  He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health care administration and has worked for the TCC for 12 years, since its inception.
He works to develop, implement, and evaluate a full range of services and enjoys change management. A long-time resident, he lives in Cherry Creek with his wife of 17 years.
History of CC
In 2009 the Chautauqua County Health Network applied for a federal health center. Ann Abdella and Tory Irgang were instrumental in this. The County was one of the highest need areas without a federal health center. In 2012 the CCHN received funding, and the Center saw the 1st patient in Dunkirk in 2013. Today there are over 160 staff members and 15,000 individuals have been served since the opening. Primary care is the core, but services also include women’s health, oral health, behavioral health, substance abuse, care coordination and a newly opened a pharmacy. The Center is open to all people in the community, whether or not they have insurance. In Jamestown, many new patients are privately insured, medicare aged.
In Jamestown, TCC is located on Institute Street with a new building. The health center uses 50,000 sq ft. and there is space for partners, including Office of the Aging and others who will be coming.
The health center focuses on recruiting local providers, since they are most likely to stay. There are 8 primary care doctors and 7 are from the local area. In Jamestown they include Rudy Mueller, Kristina Brown, Paul Robbins pediatrician, Betsy Kidder. Right now they are averaging 130 new patients a week between Dunkirk and Jamestown.
Q: Do you have Physical or Occupational Therapy?
Not currently, but due to the financial stresses on small businesses there is an opportunity for some consolidation. TCC is also continuously trying to bring in specialties not adequately represented in the area, such as dermatology or nephrology. It is also important to note that federally qualified medical centers must have a Board of Directors and half of them must be patients. TCC has 12 Board members and 10 are patients.
Q: What are some of the challenges regionally?
1. Delayed care is a big one. Chronic disease that didn’t get the attention that was needed, such as diabetes, hypertension etc. 2. There is also a rise in TB and other diseases that are normally under control because of delayed immunization. 3. Problems with lead. 4. Finally, because of COVID and the mandates, losing health care workers: nurses, dentists, hygienists, social workers. Michael guesses TCC has lost approximately 10% of its employees to other fields.
Q: How was the Center perceived by other providers when it opened? Was it perceived as unfair competition?
There was one practice that was very vocally opposed initially.
Q: What is the #1 reason recruiting is unsuccessful?  
Significant other. You really must find 2 jobs and satisfy two people. One of the reasons they tend to come to The Chautauqua Center is because of the incentive of National Health Services Corp. TCC has the highest score (highest need), meaning education loans get paid off if they stay 3 years. Then, if they don’t have local ties, they leave, which is why TCC is focusing on finding people with a local connection, so they will stay.