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Lynne Gruel
Jan 11, 2021
Mid-Winter Wine Tasting Event on Zoom!
Jan 18, 2021
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day - No Meeting
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Make Up Opportunities 
Wednesdays at 8:00 AM
Zoom Teleconference Meetings
Effective until further notice
FALCONER — 1st and 3rd Thursday of month, 7 a.m., Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Falconer
WESTFIELD / MAYVILLE — Tuesday, 12:15 p.m., UM Church, Westfield
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Zoom Teleconference Meetings
Effective until further notice
Committee meetings or social events can also be used as make-ups.
Russell Hampton
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ROTARY ZOOM January 4, 2021
Note:  Missed the meeting?  No problem! We have been recording our regular Zoom meetings.  Please visit the following link to watch all up to date Rotary Meetings:
Today’s Chair: President Joni Blackman
Invocation: Sue Jones - Appreciate Each Day
Visiting Rotarians & Guests: None
Winter Wine Tasting Event - Next Monday, January 11th at 7pm. Rotary fundraiser $68 and you can choose between two boxes of wine & nibbles (3 bottles of wine and appetizers by Elegant Edibles. Pick up your boxes on Saturday 9th between 10-11am. If you don’t want the wine and munchies, register and donate and be part of our virtual fundraiser this month! 
January Birthdays: 
Sue Jones shared the list!  Barb Wigley (1/1); Becky Robbins (1/3); Vicki McGraw (1/5); Joni Blackman (1/9); Courtney Curatolo (1/12); Lynne Gruel (1/15); Kathy Benson (1/25); Katie Geise (1/27) - Winner of Free Lunch was Courtney!
Happy Bucks:
Vicki McGraw - thank you for all the messages of sympathy.
Ruth Lundin - Zoom call with her mom when she was getting her Covid-19 vaccination.
Sue Jones - For the Bills!
Becky Robbins - Family gathering over holidays.
Michelle Starwalt-Woods - for the excellent work of current and past Rotary presidents (Joni & Cheri) who made her job easier.
Steve Sandberg - for his wife’s retirement.
Greg Jones - for everyone to update their Rotary page with a PHOTO.
Happy Buck donations can be sent by clicking here!
Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel
John Lloyd introduced our speaker, PJ Wendel, County Executive.
Chautauqua county Ethics Board is looking for new members. If you are interested in serving on this board, give PJ Wendel a call. The board provides necessary checks and balances, and audits members of Legislative,  Executive and Judicial branches of local government to ensure that all parties are operating in an ethical manner. They typically meet four times each year.
Update on Operation WARP speed:
The County Executive recently returned from a White House summit.
Vaccine process - the vaccine is packed onto a transport vessel, which allows those in charge to track location of each box. CHQ county has started vaccinations through hospitals and nursing homes.
Update on Chautauqua County Jamestown Airport:
Upgrade hanger to support Luscombe Aircraft Corp.
Installation of electric charging station to support 12 passenger electric airplanes.
Rose Aviation - aircraft marketing group.
Chase Aviation Company - aircraft brokers and consultants lease space, recently relocated to Chautauqua County from Charleston South Carolina.
IDA Funding requests in process.
County economic development agency (IDA) has consolidated three offices in county into one office in the BWB Building in Jamestown. Mark Geise is Director of IDA.
County is moving forward with Share Services Agreement.
Q - Randy Sweeney thanked Wendel for job well done in 2020. Wendel responded by saying that his success has been a function of the excellent teams - especially the medical and financial teams that support the county.
Q - Lynne Gruel asked about vaccine distribution. Wendell responded by indicating that the County does not have control over distribution of vaccine. The hospitals have received vaccine. Governor Cuomo is putting together Regional Vaccine Hubs. But we do not have a continual supply of the vaccine today. Dr. Howard Zucker, NYS Commissioner of Health will be publishing a power point presentation later today with details on vaccine distribution.
Q - Michelle Starwalt-Woods asked about the proposed start date for Athenex in Dunkirk and contact tracing efforts.  Wendell indicated that nursing home contact tracing is managed by the state and that rapid test results (conducted by Well Now and other facilities) are typically delayed by two days which negatively impact effect contact tracing. Additionally, Over 700 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported to Wendel by County Health Commissioner Christine Schuyler, with 418 reported for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so about 300 new cases will be reported for Sunday.
Q - Chris Anderson asked about county Covid 19 positivity rate (which was reported at 20% today on state website). Wendel indicated that the county will not shut down or enter into a Red or Orange Zone, despite high positivity rates, as the 7 day average rate is only 11%. The high positivity rate is a reflection of low number of tests given recently, and that most people getting tested are already experiencing symptoms.  Wendel encouraged everyone to take responsibility to stay safe.