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Jun 14, 2021
Gebbie Foundation - "Whats happening in Jamestown!"
Jun 21, 2021
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Jun 28, 2021
Rotary President's Dinner (no noon meeting)
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ROTARY ZOOM April 12, 2021
Note:  Missed the meeting?  No problem! We have been recording our regular Zoom meetings.  Please visit the following link to watch all up to date Rotary Meetings:
CHAIRMAN: Joni Blackman
PLEDGE AND 4-WAY TEST: Chris Anderson
INVOCATION: Lee Magnuson expressed thanks for the fellowship of Rotary and the opportunity to serve. 
VISITING ROTARIANS & GUESTS: Doug Conroe introduced his friend and visitor, Steve from Rochester Hills Michigan club. District Governor Frank Adamson.Not visitors, but Joni welcomed back Jim Smith, Deb Kathman, and Dave Painter.
ROTARY WHY: Sue Jones delivered an impassioned Rotary “Why”. She revealed that Dudley Ericson asked her every time he saw her starting in 1988 until she finally joined in 2000. The Jones family has a strong investment in Rotary. Sue’s father-in-law Stan Jones joined in 1932, husband Greg in 1974, her son in 1998 and daughter-in-law in 2000. Also, her granddaughter was an exchange student to Japan. Over the years the Joneses participated in many activities: Farch, Youth Exchange, Auctions, District Conferences, and travelogues going back to the days before women were accepted, and were instead known as  “Rotary-Anns”. Sue remarked she has learned so much by participating. Her highlights are the 3-week Friendship Exchange to New Zealand and meeting 2007-08 Past President of Rotary International Wilfrid Wilkinson at the District Foundation Celebration. Sue reminded us that Rotary “takes ordinary people and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their live than they ever dreamed possible.”
Diana Meckley reported for the Literacy Committee. She gave a happy buck for the article in the paper on the books donated to Love School. Literacy committee meeting Thursday at noon.
Youth Services Committee Chair Cheri announced that two students will be attending Slapshot (Student Leadership Award Program for Students High On Training). It will be virtual: Emma Anderson and Madeline DeJoy will participate May 2-8.
Joni noted that the Board is meeting Friday April 16 at 9 am by Zoom. STILL need a treasurer. Please consider providing service to your club through this avenue!
Joni announced that next week’s speaker will be Mike Sperry, owner of Chautauqua Reel Outfitters.
Diana Meckley announced that Marion Beckerink has completed the editing of the first radio show that the Literacy Committee has produced for the senior community.  Doug is celebrating that all 3 children and their families are joining Jane and him on vacation this week.
Sue announced that Jennifer and Rick Gibson visited over Easter. Rick is recovering well.
Randy Sweeney-got to hug grandkids last week after a year. He attended a Unicorn themed 3rd birthday party for his granddaughter.
Ruth celebrated planting seeds for her garden and seeing 33 bird species on her property.
District Governor Frank and his wife were vaccinated today. They won’t get their 2nd dose for 4 months!
Happy Buck donations can be sent by clicking here!
Jane Conroe Watershed Cleanup for the Conewango and Chautauqua Lake
Jane Conroe is the Vice Chair of the Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium. Ruth Lundin introduced her, noting that the Environment has become the 7th Area of Focus for Rotary.
Jane Conroe has lived in the area since she and Doug moved here in 1980 and her love, knowledge and commitment to the area waters has grown as she raised her family here, then taught, and finally worked for water issues with Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy in addition to volunteering for other organizations. She currently is vice-chair of the Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium. It is a new organization that serves as a voice of protection for our region’s water, both surface and ground, and all of the creatures who depend on it.  It is a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate under the auspices of Conewango Creek Watershed Association (CCWA). Waterkeeper Alliance affiliates are in 45 different countries. CCWA is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It promotes stewardship in the Conewango Creek watershed-which includes Chautauqua Lake.  
Every year since 2008 the CCWA has done a river cleanup. Starting in 2015 they included the Chautauqua Lake Outlet with the support of the Chautauqua Lake Association.
In 2020 the groups could not do a clean-up. In 2021 CCWA and the Consortium are coordinating small-group/individual clean-up actions throughout the watershed, from Bear Lake to Chautauqua Lake all the way down through Warren to where the Conewango flows into the Allegheny River.
This year, the time and place in the month of May is up to each group or individual.  A person can clean anywhere. Even litter and trash on the roadside are targeted, since it may only be a rainfall or two away from being in our waterways.
Everyone is asked to register at . In the end there will be a reporting piece both for CCWA and Rotary, which wants to report the effort. CCWA will be reporting by kitchen trash bag and is making a special effort to identify the quantity of plastic. Posting pictures to the CCWA Facebook page or emailing them to is encouraged. Evergreen Outfitters and Tanner’s Garage will have supplies. Prizes for volunteers are appreciated.
More information on how Rotary will participate in this and other clean-ups will be forthcoming since there will be some on Lake Erie in April as a part of District 7090 Great Lakes Cleanup in addition to the Chautauqua Lake efforts.  
Jane noted that the Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium is all volunteer-run and is currently chaired by Melanie Smith. She encouraged us to go to the website