L-R Johanna Gill, Darlene Rowe & Katie Geise
Cancer has affected millions of people, and most club members know of someone who has had cancer or is in remission. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in New York State, according to the NYS Department of Health. But cancer screenings can help detect cancer early, when treatment can be most successful. 
Katie Geise welcomed Darlene Rowe and Johanna Gill to speak on behalf of Chautauqua County's Cancer Services Program. 
Darlene told the club that the County's Cancer Services Program has been around since the 1990's, and was created as a collaboration between the NYS Department of Health and the CDC. The Cancer Services Program provides breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings to women ages 40-64 and men ages 50-64, who are un-insured, have an unaffordable high deductible, or screenings aren't covered. 
Clients are enrolled by phone, and after the medical appointments are completed, the office bills the Program for payment. At the same time the following year, patients will receive a reminder that they are due for their appointment. And services are provided in most physicians' offices in Chautauqua County. For more information, call 1-800-506-9185. 
County Executive and Club member Vince Horrigan was also thanked for signing a policy in 2015 allowing County employees to take a leave of absence if needed to get their cancer screenings, which will most certainly help the Program reach a goal of increasing Colon Cancer screenings in 2018 to 80% in Chautauqua County.