L-R Katie Geise and Pete Morgante
Katie Geise welcomed fellow Jamestown Rotarian Pete Morgante to the speaker's podium today to present on Chautauqua Striders and the many wonderful programs they maintain and provide to the residents of Chautauqua County.
According to their website, "Originally founded in 1979 as a local track club, Chautauqua Striders has since developed into a multifaceted community organization, proudly offering diversified programs that incorporate its mission to 'Mentor and guide youth through education, advocacy and athletics.'" 
Based in Jamestown, Chautauqua Striders provides tutoring, mentoring, outreach and athletic programs to more than 1,200 Chautauqua County youth annually. The goal of Chautauqua Striders is to help youth graduate high school inspired with the knowledge, skill, and confidence required for successful college and career experiences.
Pete, who currently serves as Chautauqua Striders' Executive Director, began his presentation by highlighting Chautauqua Striders' main goal: ...to help youth graduate from high school inspired with the knowledge, skill, and confidence required for successful college and career experiences. Through various tutoring, educational mentoring, and track programs, our unique organization is able to meet the individual needs of a wide range of youth.
Throughout the presentation, Pete introduced enthusiastic members of his team to the podium. They all detailed the programs they are most involved in from Academic Tutoring to Athletics to Mentoring.
The academic program offered by Chautauqua Striders consists of instruction in reading and math for students in Grades K to 8, instruction in science and math for students in Grades 9 to 12, re-teaching of material that students struggle with, homework help, assistance in studying for assessments, and preparation for Regents Examinations.
The mission of the Chautauqua Striders Athletic Club is to encourage and promote life-long fitness through running & walking.  The program provides the road running community an opportunity to train and compete as a team.  The Athletic Club provides programs to develop and support runners throughout the year.
Chautauqua Striders' Mentoring Program has touched the lives of many young people in the community, with several members of the Rotary mentoring a child at one time or another. 
To find out more about Chautauqua Striders and all of the wonderful things they do, please visit their website.