Engage Rotary, Change Lives is the Rotary Theme for 2013-14
President Sharon Hamilton reviewed her goals for the year.
  • Maintain current membership 100+1; with retention as a focus.  On target
  • Update new members’ welcome and mentoring program.  On target. Sponsors become mentors if people have absences.
  • Have a least one social or service events that would include family members.  Complete.  Red Kettle, Corn Roast. 
  • Foundation Giving $5,000.  On target
  • Encourage participation by every member in at least one Rotary Service Activity. Going well
  • Develop Facebook page to increase Rotarian presence.  Chris Anderson is working this. 
  • Develop an international service / giving program.  Working through David Troxell. 
  • Vocational partnership.  Steve Sandberg has strengthened this. RYLA and SlapShot.  Vickie’s son is going to Rotary Youth Leadership, and 2 are going to SlapShot.
  • Training.  Exceeded target  4 people went to training (goal 2)
  • Fund Raising Committee – Fire and Ice was a great success.  “Signature Event”.
Todd Allen
Vision Committee Report.  The committee is charged with looking at local and international spending projects; with trying to have larger impact with gifts. 60% of funds stay local, 40% go to international efforts.
Surveys were handed out.  Vision doesn’t have any strong recommendations at this time.  They are looking for input.  Please make sure to provide the needed feedback. The survey is asking for input both on fundraising ideas and on projects to fund. Specifically, the Committee is asking if the club should consider donating to the Boys and Girls Club which will be redoing the pool for their 75th anniversary year.
Christy Brecht Financial Report for RCJCSF. 
Christy reminded us of the 2 entities and provided a summary.
RCJCSF is the charitable arm.
Programs-Vision Committee programs. 
Beginning year balance  was $37,916.
1.  2013 Golf Tournament    $6,903
2.  CRCF Johnson Fund     $4,828
3.  Fire & Ice Ball.                  $7,000            (NOTE:February 7th 2015 next year)
Funds available 3/31/14       $49,647
Community Expenses (60%) Scholarships, Board Grants, JHS Band and Fund Expenses totaling $3,600
International Expenses (40%) Student Exchange, Group Study Exchange, Nepal-WEAN, Shelter Boxes and Fund Expenses $11,000 estimated.
Not part of Vision committee fundraising: 
  • Income-Memorials
  • Income from the Wendy Sharp Fund for Rotary Camp-Camp Onyahsa through the Resource Center
  • Income from the Birthday tables go into the Foundation Account and are distributed either to the Foundation or to the Polio Plus campaign.
Lisa Yaggie-Fund Raising Committee
Lisa reinforced the need to hear back from the club on possible fund raisers, and uses of the funds. 
Three fund raisers that are being considered are:  Octoberfest Home Brewing Contest (during Lucy Marathon weekend), “I Love Chautauqua” Board Game and Travelogue themed dinner parties.  Rotarians are being asked to rank these, based on how willing they are to roll up their sleeves and make it happen.  Lisa emphasized that they would require a larger participation than the recent Fire and Ice did.
Lisa Goodell-Secretary
Membership Status
  • 98 active members, 101 including honorary.  This meets the goal
  • 73 have 50% or better attendance; 25 have 75% or better, 2 have people 100%, 23 are exempt from attendance requirements.
  • Additional statistics:  58% are male, 42% female. 18% are under age 35; 10% over 80.  31% 50-64. 
  • Years of Service:  3 members have 51 or more years of service!