Dennis Webster is a radio announcer at WJTN.   He is a Jamestown native and a graduate of Syracuse University and SUNY Fredonia.  He started his work in radio while still a student at Jamestown High School, and has had many positions at the station, both on and off the air.  For the past couple of decades, he has presented the morning program on WJTN from 5 to 9 AM and hosted the Saturday Breakfast Party and the High School Bowl (both now on hiatus because of the coronavirus).  
Dennis has a wide variety of community interests and regularly presents stories on everything from farmers’ crops to the events at the Robert H. Jackson Center.  Some of his favorite activities to cover involve theater, Jamestown High School Music, and Chautauqua County Four-H.
Through his many years of work, Dennis has cultivated a keen sense of Jamestown as a community… and the media’s role in it.  He also has developed a speech improvement course, primarily for aspiring young people, but available to anyone for $12.40 per lesson. 
This editor is NOT going to write down all that Dennis had to say, because it was so interesting. Instead, she has decided to let you play the video below and listen to it yourself – that way, you won’t miss a word.
Thank you Dennis for a most enlightening program.