Assistant District Governor Sharon Hamilton introduced the District Governor.  Sharon represents district 17:  Falconer, Lakewood and 2 Jamestown clubs.  Sharon helps officers learn more about their jobs and the local rotary. 
She introduced Jack Amico, District Governor for 70 clubs. He owns his own staffing firm in informational technology.  He serves on many boards including the IT100 Technology leadership group.  Jack’s wife, Mike (short for Dolores) raised their 6 kids and was nursing instructor and then as a school nurse. 
He expressed thanks for the service of those in the club, listing a long list of accomplishments, and especially the work of the “divas”. Sharon was presented with a Rotary pin and a scarf for her service. 
This was DG Jack’s 30th club visit.  He noted that all 70 clubs are unique, with different environment and food.  Everywhere, every club is also the same in one way:  each has a lot of fun.  Rotary is far too important to be taken seriously.  The other thing that is common: doing good in the community and the world.
3-4 years ago, some past governors approached him.  It is a 3 year training cycle, so they were recruiting for this year.  DG Jack does not consider that he has the vision of others who have served. He provided examples.  Past DG Roy Sheldrick showed how it was done.  In 18 years he has gotten $2,000,000 raised so that 254 wells could be drilled in Haiti.  But he refuses to drill the well until the village provides 2 people to train as plumbers.  And then he doesn’t leave until he knows the latrines are constructed downstream where they won’t pollute the wells.   David Johnson is another DG who showed leadership 20 years ago.  A physician, on vacation in the Himalayas, people brought children to his hotel to treat.  The hospital was only for the rich.  David raised $300,000 club by club.  Himalayan Health Foundation built a hospital in Nepal.  The hospital was built with 2 levels, one for those who could pay, one for the poor. The rich pay for the poor.  DG Jack lamented that he didn’t have a vision.  Bernard De Chartres, the French philosopher noted that we are but dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.  We can see a great distance not by any strength of our own, but because we stand on the shoulder of the giant.  This has been DG Jack’s inspiration—that Rotaries and Rotarians in the district would provide him the perspective to have the vision and make a difference.  Jack said, “I am on Roy’s shoulder and David’s shoulders and on YOUR shoulders.” Jack mentioned the numerous activities and active leadership in our club. 
Gary C. K. Huang, Rotary President has adopted “Peace through service” as this year’s slogan.  DG Jack said it is time to let the world know all that Rotarians are doing.  Only when we “brag” will those who are impacted recognize the good that Rotary does.  Further, potential Rotarians will learn that there is something extremely special in what we do.  Jack asks that we have “Rotary Days” and publicize what we do.  Publicize them and get politicians to declare a Rotary Day.  He gave two examples.
Next Saturday is a Rotary Day.  Buffalo is going to have a Rotary Day at the Bison's game.  Costs $9.00.  He is trying to get 500 people there so that they can announce Rotaries presence and when Rotarians cheer people will take notice.  The second Rotary Day October 25-26.  The District Governor is calling it “the Bash” instead of the conference.  There will be talks about the service that Rotary provides.  Joshua Covey (son of Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ) will talk about “The Leader in Me” program that is being done in schools.  On the 26th- Joe Roberts, author of Skid Row to CEO will talk about “Push Foundation” which is working to get kids off the streets. The district leaders are trying to get 1000 people there. “Save the date” cards were distributed.  So were pins for this year’s theme “Light up Rotary”.  He challenges everyone to wear it every day for the next year.  Tell people that Rotary is the best service organization in the world.  That way, more people will join Rotary, and many hands make light work. 
District Governor Jack Amico