John Lloyd introduced Greg Edwards, Executive Director of the Gebbie Foundation. His team at Gebbie: himself, Senior Grants Director-Andrea Magnuson, and Kay Burch, CFO. Andrea Magnuson is retiring and her replacement has just started work--Mikayla Certo.
As some of you know, the Gebbie Foundation has been in Jamestown since 1964. It currently has an $80 million endowment, distributing $3.5 million a year. From its founding, it made a huge difference in the Pearl City, providing the lead gift for CRCF and a large gift for Chautauqua Institution when it was on hard times. Non-profits relied on the Gebbie for a wide range of programs.
In the 1990’s the board studied how it could best impact the community with its annual distribution. It was decided that investing in the core of Jamestown should take priority. Economic development, rejuvenating  downtown Jamestown through collaboration, coordination and partnership became the focus. Northwest Savings Bank Arena was the first project.
Taking direction from the 2006 Urban Design Plan, Gebbie funded the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation. That Urban Design Plan provided clear direction and received an award for implementation. Dreaming big was called for. For example, the Train Station was not only preserved, but evolved into the National Comedy Center.
Gebbie and COVID. Not only did the Foundation contribute to the fund for direct relief, it also looked at how it could assist downtown venues using the Urban Design Plan 2.0. A major impetus was activating the Chadakoin Riverfront. It was determined, through a study by Twan Leenders that the river is navigable. Major funders are joining to develop the Chadakoin Basin-both for in-water activities and as a location for festivals. Panzarella Park is being envisioned as a natural history area.
Click here to download the Gebbie Presentation, given by Greg Edwards. 
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