Photo L-R Doug Conroe and Mark Baldwin (Photo submitted)
Doug (despite unexpected technical difficulties) gave a fascinating presentation regarding invasive species management. Doug focused heavily on Chautauqua Lake. An invasive species can be a plant, fungus or animal not native to Chautauqua Lake. 
However, Doug was quick to point out that there are many different invasive species affecting our area, such as the Emerald Ash Borer. 
The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has worked on a plan to help keep invasive species from entering the waters of Chautauqua Lake utilizing their rapid response program. There are or will be signs placed at the lake's many boat launches reminding boaters/fishers to not bring invasive species into the lake. One of the main culprits are boaters who launch their boat without making sure it's clean and dry, thus lowering the chance of introducing an invasive species to the lake. 
Thankfully, Doug felt that they are keeping things under control regarding Chautauqua Lake. And while there may be 4 invasive species of plants on the lake, 21 native species still thrive.