During the Rotary Club of Jamestown's meeting on Nov. 30, Chuck Telford spoke about the history of radio in Jamestown. Telford, who now works for the Media One Group in radio sales, began his career in radio nearly 50 years ago and throughout his career has worked for local stations WJTN, WKSN, WHUG, WDOE, and stations in Oneonta, Calif. When WJTN was originally licensed in 1936, it was as WOCL. In those days, Telford said, a station's call letters meant something; WOCL was an acronym for We're On Chautauqua Lake. He said Jamestown's first radio station was put on the air by Archie Newton who stole the necessary electricity from a young city which, in 1920, was just beginning to run electricity to homes. In 1979, the radio tower at what is now Media One's office on Orchard Road was brought down during an ice storm, knocking their stations off the air. But Telford said a coat hanger on a telephone pole got them back up and running -- with a broadcast range of approximately three blocks. Pictured above are, from left, Rotarians Spud Ericson and Russ Ecklund, Telford, and Rotarian Gordie Black, all of whom are members of the "Braw Caddie Clan," a Jamestown High School fraternity.