Courtney Curatolo introduced Jane Fisher, Creative Trainer at Creative Education Foundation. Her passion, honed over many years in improv comedy, is combining creativity, innovation, and joy for greater fulfillment in everyday work and life. “Creative thinking is not a luxury!”

Jane reminds people that some of the most important learning experiences in life, when met with an openness to the joy of new personal growth, are errors and failures. “A lot of problem solving has been ‘educated’ out of people.” But creative thinking can be scary when it welcomes ambiguity and uncertainty, though those can be key factors in creating the most exciting opportunities, growth, and productivity. Mistakes and laughter can both happen together; it is one way that people can learn how to learn-through-play. She promised throughout her entertaining and passionate presentation that trust, honesty, kindness, and integrity in the workplace, just like in life, will create greater success and fulfillment. “Bring a whole person to work. Work and life will both work better.”