Posted by Chris Anderson on Oct 21, 2019
Pictured (l to r): President Cheri Krull, Libertarian Mayoral Candidate, Andrew Liuzzo, and Phil Cala. 
The esteemed Phil Cala made a wonderful introduction of the Libertarian Candidate, Andrew Liuzzo.  Mr. Liuzzo said it was an honor to address the Jamestown Rotary Club.  Mr. Liuzzo was born in 1953 in Jamestown.  He did not speak
English until he went to school.  It was important for him to study American history and speak English.  Mr. Liuzzo is very grateful for the opportunity to run for Mayor of the City of Jamestown.  This can only happen in America.  
Mr. Liuzzo started his campaign for Mayor by running for City Council two years ago. All Mr. Liuzzo has ever tried to do is get to the truth in politics and in life.  His nature is to get to the truth and find ways how everyone can work together to achieve great things for the City of Jamestown.    
Mr. Liuzzo mentioned that the City is at the 100% tax cap for taxes.  A home that costs $100,000 in the City of Jamestown pays $20,000 in taxes!  According to Mr. Liuzzo, we have to fix the system together.
One of Mr. Liuzzo’s ideas to improve Jamestown is to repurpose old factories and brown fields in the City.  There are many empty lots and many are located in depressed areas.  Currently, the City Code restricts anything being built on these lots.  Mr. Liuzzo’s idea is to build prefabricated homes on these lots and make affordable housing available to everyone.  Employers can also be part of this renewal.  Mr. Liuzzo mentions that unless we address the blight that we have and the neighborhoods that are being neglected, our City will not be able to attract new business.  
Mr. Liuzzo is running to represent everyone in the City of Jamestown.  His campaign slogan is “One Community.  One City.”  He believes we have been fractured.  We also need to empower our non-English speaking populations to speak and learn English.  
According to Mr. Liuzzo, it truly takes all of us to make our City great.  He does not have all the ideas and answers and realizes most people have made their choice as to who they will vote for.  He asked for an opportunity to move the City of Jamestown forward.  
Election day is November 5.  Make your vote count!