Dr. Greg Jones introduced our speaker for today, Lou Nalbone, Owner, Chautauqua Aircraft Sales & Dunkirk Avionics.  Lou has over 50 years of experience in the aviation business.   John Nalbone, Lou’s father, started the Werle Flight School in 1946 in Dunkirk.
Dunkirk Airport was built in WWII as part of the US Defense Systems initiative.  After the war it fell into disuse.  John Nalbone took over the airport and began bringing it back to life.  On off times, the facility was used for Sports Car and Drag races. 
In 1962, an air show was brought to the airport on Labor Day weekend.  It was an overwhelming project with very little profit, but attracted a number of people from the community. Since 1963, the Air Show morphed into the Fly-In Breakfast, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dunkirk.  Also shared with Fredonia Rotary Club as well today. 
Lou took over the operation in 1991.  Lou was also instrumental in offering an aviation pilot course with Jamestown Community College.  This offering expanded operations exponentially at the airport.  The Professional Pilot Program with JCC have been a major success. 
Chautauqua Aircraft Sales & Dunkirk Avionics concentrates on airplane maintenance business as well. 
·       Maintenance
·       Inspections
·       Import aircraft
·       Avionics – install radios, GPS,etc. and transfer legacy aircraft into modern navigation systems. 
Jamestown Airport – thankful for the airport for the space that they have there; Chautauqua Aircraft Sales & Dunkirk Avionics has a maintenance operation there as well as a flight school.