Margot Russell – The Post Journal – Becky Robbins introduced Margot to the club. Every Saturday, there is an article from Margot Russell in the Post-Journal!
Margot and her family were raised in Buffalo but spent many weekends at their cottage on Chautauqua Lake.  She has been writing her column for 10 years now.  Margot has a great love for Chautauqua County.  In her words, this is a place of true beauty and wonderful people.  Margot reminded the club to please do not take where we live for granted.  There is lots of beauty in Chautauqua County.  
Margot has been to many interesting places.  She does not have a favorite place and believes travel is an adventure.  Margot has traveled to Peru the most.  She has been there 10 times.  Peru is beautiful and other-worldly.  Margot shared many pictures of this beautiful area.  
People from emerging countries live in the present moment.  They have fewer trappings of normal life and are much different than Americans.  Many are surrounded by landscape and beauty.  Margot continued to share some interesting facts about Peru and its people. Another place she has been was Easter Island.  An interesting and eclectic place.  Each statue on Easter Island weighs 13 tons. She talked about her experience with Easter Island and the Moai Statues.  There are also wild horses on Easter Island.  A very cool place.  
Margot also shared information about her visits to El Salvador – in central America.  Despite war and changes, little has changed there.  Natives are still picking coffee beans and exporting to other countries.   El Salvador is a prime example how political leadership can really affect the people who live there for centuries. There is something to see around every corner.  
She also shared slides of the Mayan Ruins – in South America.  So many ruins in Latin America.  They are everywhere.  Margot went through a slideshow showing different Mayan ruins throughout Mexico and the area.  Earth’s cultures are distinctive and beautiful.   
Please click here to download Margot’s presentation.  You can also watch her presentation below: