Once again over two dozen Rotarians will help the Salvation Army in their annual Red Kettle campaign to support needy charities. Spending that brief hour helping out is an easy job and when you are finished you just feel better!
The Walters Family L-R Tim holding sugar glider Andy, Pierina (exchange student with Pogo the ferret), Kenji, Hiroko and Mika holding ferret #2 Loki
John Lloyd
Helen Bigg
Doug Nelson
Don "I'll stand for a $20" Weaver
Rich Barkstrom
 Russ Ecklund and Ron Pappalardo
Greg Jones multi-tasking (sitting down, hands free and still ringing the bell)
Walt and Nancy Pickut
David and Merissa Troxell
Dick "I thought this was highway cleanup" Johnson
Wally "No, I am not Santa" Bloomquist