Pictured: Rachel Paetzke
Cheri Krull introduced the club's exchange student, Rachel Paetzke, to speak today. Cheri also reminded everyone that Rotary Exchange Weekend is fast approaching as well. While introducing Rachel, Cheri gave a little background on her. She said that Rachel is a city-girl who likes music, and whose dream as a child was to be an exchange student to America some day. 
Rachel, who is from Hungary, spoke about her country, her home, and the things she likes to done when at home. She told the club some anecdotes about her mother and father. In particular about her father, who was kicked out of high school when he made a political joke about Germany (which at the time was incredibly taboo). Rachel's father, who was an actor, was also jailed for awhile because of not responding to the draft. 
Rachel has also enjoyed many adventures while staying in the area, including trips to Buffalo and to Chautauqua Institution. She has been a pleasure to have as the Rotary Club's exchange student, and will be missed when she returns home.