Russell Ecklund was honored at the 27th Annual Rotary Club of Jamestown Golf Tournament recently held at Moon Brook Country Club. The Rotary Club and its Golf Committee took this opportunity to honor Ecklund for his 31 years of service and devotion to the Rotary Club and acknowledge his commitment and dedication to the Club’s golf tournament for each and every one of the past 27 years.
Russ Ecklund and his wife Thelma are pictured with Club President John Healy.
Ecklund, who will celebrate his 88th birthday in early September, was a member of the Class of 1952 at Jamestown High School. He joined the National Guard in 1953 and served for eight years. He married his wife Thelma in 1954 and they are the proud parents of one son and two daughters, four granddaughters and one great grandson. He retired as CEO of Ellison Bronze in 1998 and continues to serve on the Board of Directors of that Company today.
The Ecklunds have been members of First Presbyterian Church since their marriage in 1954 and Mr. Ecklund has served as a Deacon and on the Session, also serving as Personnel Chairman for 15 years. He has also served for the past 32 years on the Board of Directors of the Chautauqua County Sports Hall of Fame and for more than 20 years as that organization’s Secretary. In addition, Ecklund is a past president of Moon Brook Country Club, serving in 2001.
A thriving club is anchored by strong relationships and active membership. As a longtime member of the Rotary Club’s “Table of Love”, Ecklund has been vital to the club’s atmosphere, fellowship, camaraderie, and accomplishments over the past 31 years.
In 1995, Russ and the other gentlemen of “The Table of Love” re-established the annual golf tournament as a charity event, and for the past 27 years it has raised almost $200,000, with the proceeds supporting local and international projects. Club President John Healy noted, “We will miss your dedication and leadership on the golf committee, and we are deeply grateful for all you have done for this tournament.”
Mr. Ecklund has also served for many years on the Club’s Vision Committee. A major project currently undertaken by that Committee on behalf of the Club is the Jamestown North Main Street Entryway Sign to the city. Ecklund brought Ellison Bronze into the proect, who have donated their services and provided a beautiful City Scape panel for the project. The Rotary Club would not be successful in this endeavor without the contributions of Ecklund and Ellison Bronze.
Russ is a recipient of two Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Awards.
Healy described Ecklund as, “Always personifying the Rotary core values of service, fellowship, integrity, and leadership with the community and within Rotary.”
President John presented Ecklund with a certificate of appreciation and a gift certificate as a symbol of the lasting impact he has made in the local Rotary Club and stated, “I thank you on behalf of the Rotary Club of Jamestown and the Golf Committee with deepest gratitude for your commitment to service.”
Everyone was treated to moving and heartfelt words of sincere thanks and praise by Rotarian and Russ’s dear friend Phil Cala.