Posted by Joel Keefer on Jun 16, 2017
Pictured L-R Jim Quattrone and Lee Harkness

The club had the honor of hearing a presentation from Jim Quattrone this day. Lee Harkness introduced Jim, and welcomed him to the podium.

Jim spoke on the First Street Shelter, otherwise known as the UCAN (United Christian Advocacy Network) City Mission (and formerly the Union Gospel Mission) located at 7 W. First Street in Jamestown. 

The UCAN City Mission's Mission Statement is:

We exist to help all those who need to break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty (life-controlling problems) by promoting positive lifestyle changes through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships focused on and driven by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We desire to reach anyone who is being held in bondage by the life-controlling problems that have a destructive impact on their lives. Our participation requirement is that the participant has a willingness to change and recognize the importance of making the decision of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. These classes are open to people of all faiths and successful completion of the UCAN program will be recognized when the core classes are completed. Respect of themselves, of others in the class, staff, and facilitators will be expected at all times. 

The building started its life as a hotel in the 1880's. Starting in the 1940's, the shelter that was to become the UCAN City Mission went under the name of the Union Gospel Mission. And for over 40 years, the Union Gospel Mission was run by Rev. John Steinhauser, who retired in 2015. It was then closed because Quattrone said it was determined that the shelter was no longer needed. Quattrone and others felt otherwise, especially since people continued to come to the facility looking for a place to stay, only to be turned away or forced to spend the night in the elements. 

Since Quattone and UCAN took over the facility, work has gone on to update the main lobby and continues on the building's 2nd and 3rd floors. The mission currently has 15 beds, however, Quattrone says they are going to have 5 more beds available, and will max out at 20 beds.

People need a safe place to stay, Quattrone said, and that's what they are here for. Many times a person that is struggling with addiction or other problems doesn't have a safe, drug-free place to stay, and so they end up sleeping in an apartment or home where drugs and other temptations are readily available, which then leads the person back to addiction. 

Quattrone concluded by asking the club to come to the UCAN City Mission to see what it's all about.

To donate funds to benefit the mission, checks can be made out to UCAN to United Christian Advocacy Network, P.O. Box 202, Lakewood, NY. To donate items or volunteer, Quattrone invites individuals and groups to call him at 490-3300 or email him at You can also find more information on the mission at their website