Trolley No. 93 started life as a deluxe safety car in 1926 and was scrapped in 1938, the end of trolley cars in Jamestown. By 1947, all five Trolley lines in Chautauqua County closed.  But the twelve years of service to Jamestown wouldn't be the end of No. 93's story. 
After being scrapped, the remaining frame of Trolley No. 93 was moved to French's Cabins on Chautauqua Lake and was repurposed into sleeping cabins for visitors.  When French's Cabins closed the trolleys were sold off, No. 93 was moved to Dewittville and used as a hunting camp. There she sat, sinking into the ground until 1996, when Mrs. Mauro Lucariello graciously donated her to Bob Johnson, who wanted to restore the last remaining Jamestown trolley. 
Fundraising began and in 2013 No. 93 was moved to her current location, the Gateway Train Station and restoration began in 2014, the year lead restorer Jim Mitchener joined the team.  The two men, Bob and Jim, along with their team have restored virtually every part of No. 93.  Many Jamestown companies have donated to the project.  Bob and Jim use local parts whenever possible.  For a detailed description of the restoration, photos, and information about how you can help the project, click here
With the coming of the National Museum of Comedy, which will include the Gateway Train Station, the future location of No. 93 is a concern but there are possible sites for relocation if necessary.  The restoration project is truly amazing and is/will be a continuing asset to our community.
The men behind the restoration are Bob Johnston and Jim Mitchener.  Bob is a retired supervisor with the Jamestown Department of Public Works.  He developed an interest in local history many years ago and is currently a board member with the Chautauqua County Historical Society.  He would like to see the last trolley car restored and preserved for future generation.  Jim Mitchener has been a county resident and general contractor for most of his life.  he has restored boats and cars and has an interest in steam engines.  He signed on to help with the trolley restoration project on National Train Day 2014, and is no doubt the reason the project has advanced to its current state.  Thank you gentlemen.
PHOTO: Rotarians Rita Freeborough and Lee Harkness (right) join speakers Jim Mitchener (2nd from left) and Bob Johnston.