President Sharon Hamilton, speaker David Munella, Steve Sandberg and speaker Kim Sutter.
Steve Sandberg introduced today’s guests Kim Sutton and David Munella of the Business Department at Jamestown High School.  Kim and David introduced the new Academy program at JHS.  The program starts with high school freshmen and is designed to help them develop an early focus on future programs.  They feel that in addition to helping students plan for their futures it will also help to reduce the high school drop out rate.
The Academy program lasts for four year (freshman through senior) and is design to include collaboration with the student’s family and community.  It will help them set career goals and develop a path to follow through school.  Academies include Academy of Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology, Academy of Natural Sciences and Resource Management, Academy of Pre-Law and Human Service, Academy of Pre-Medicine and Health Science, Academy of Pre-Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, and Academy of Communications, Performing, and Visual Arts.  In each Academy students are introduced to how this path could apply to them, how to invest in themselves, a list of possible courses, organizations/experiences that may benefit them, and are encourages to image the opportunities that this course of study will offer.
How can we as a community get involved?  We can mentor, offer apprenticeships and job shadowing, we can speak at career days, develop scholarship programs, community service projects and conduct mock interviews.  We can offer project assistance and help build the bridge connection between education and community.
During question and answer we learned that the State isn’t a big supporter of the new program.  They are wrapped up in the Common Core and that over shadows everything else.
For more information or to get involved please contact Kim and David at the following:
David Munella
(716) 483-3470 Ext. 2344
Kim Sutter
(716) 483-3470 Ext. 2151
Or go to the Jamestown Public Schools website