Tracy Mitrano, 23rd District Congressional seat candidate was introduced by Chris Anderson.

Tracy spoke on her decision to run strongly due to her concern with the deteriorating values of citizenship.  She wants to see our country back on the right path.  She chose Congress because her professional life experience has been based around federal level issues. 
Her key issues are:
  • Health Care Reform - Need more efficient, cost effective and available health care.
  • Infrastructure - Internet connection everywhere – a key to being globally competitive.
  • Environmental - Aligns with the Joe Biden's plan using Renewable Energy Schedule to plan the transition.  Could be an economic driver for our area.
  • Economical - Not just the stock market- working class citizens incomes have not kept up with the cost of living.  Must get above issues fixed to make our area marketable to business development. 
A Q&A session was then had and can be reviewed in the recording link pasted below. 
Tracy also suggested a book called True or False by Cindy Otis - you can find this book here - 
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